Future Identity’s Top Five

Future Identity have very kindly listed “The Currency Cold War” as one of their top five books for digital identity enthusiasts. They said…

“The latest book from renowned digital identity expert David Birch is an exploration of the future of money. Birch is always ahead of the game when it comes to industry trends, so despite being published a few years ago ‘The Currency Cold War’ hits right at the heart of the current buzz around cryptocurrencies, CBDCs and digital money.

Birch argues that an overhaul of our current monetary system is inevitable, so we need to be prepared. Developing a global digital identity infrastructure is crucial to enable due diligence for e-money payment systems.

But Birch goes way beyond the technical and places digital currency into a much wider political and geographical content. He explores the political power conflicts and private company interests that have, or will, drive the development of new currencies and change money as we know it today”.

The intimate connection between digital currency and digital identity is at the heart of the strategic decisions that have to made by central banks and all other stakeholders, so I really appreciate Future Identity’s recognition of this vital aspect of the thinking around central bank digital currencies and digital money more generally.

Holiday reading (me)

The journalist Wendy Grossman reviews six books for your 2020 holiday season and kindly says of The Currency Cold War:

“If you believe, as Birch does, that these upheavals are inevitable, then it’s logical to consider how to manage the change. He proposes that the US and UK should develop a global digital identity infrastructure; create a global e-money licence; provide a digital diligence system that is alternative to and less exclusionary than the KYC regimes operating now; and create new payment systems that work with all of these. As he says in the book, and has repeated at numerous events since its release, government-backed digital currencies are not his idea, it’s coming from ‘serious’ people like Mark Carney, the former governor of the Bank of England.

P.S. Her reviews are very good. I’ve already ordered one of the other books from the list!