The Currency Cold War is “erudite, contentious, sometimes obscure, occasionally infuriating, but always intriguing”.

Philip Middleton, Chairman of the OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute.

I suspected that this may be yet another book about the future of money and payments that is based on erroneous assumptions about the basic properties of money. Luckily, my expectation proved to be wrong. The book turned out to be a pleasant and interesting read.

Daniel Heller, adviser on regulatory affairs at Fnality International and visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC.

As ever, he writes with clarity and a light touch, making this complex subject accessible.

Sally Britton at the Bristol Pound.

No matter your background, The Currency Cold War is your best guide to the coming digital currency future.

Biblio-Fiend’s Future of Money: The Nine Best Books.

Birch takes us through an interesting, wise and provocative discussion about how this could all play out… It is written well and in an accessible way for the more general reader. If you want to have an articulate and informed opinion on these matters that will affect us all then you could do far worse than to read this book.

Simon Cocking, Irish Technology News.

Mr. Birch paints a fascinating and stimulating picture of the future world of digital payments and its possible impact on the wider global and economic orders. As ever, he writes with real insight, fluency and a great deal of good humour. This is a page turner of a book for anyone with even a passing interest in thinking about how the way we pay for goods and services will fundamentally affect the way we live.

Phil Middleton, Chairman, OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute.

As money is so central to the way societies operate, the arrival of programmable digital currency could well uproot our political systems as well as our economies. David Birch’s book is an invaluable guide to what might lie ahead.

Paul Amery in “New Money Review”

No-one has put as much thought into understanding and explaining the exceedingly complex world that all these parallel economic, political and technological developments are creating for us than David Birch.

Michael Casey, author of “The Age of Cryptocurrency”.

In The Currency Cold War Dave’s storytelling is as masterful as ever and his thinking both grounded and provocatively audacious.

Brett King, Author of The Rise of Technosocialism, Augmented and Bank 4.0

Dave is right on the money, outlining the technological and geopolitical trends that shape future digital currencies. A timely analysis which urges us all to design our own smart and anonymous currencies before other nations or bigtech players force us into using theirs.

Simon Lelieveldt, formerly with Dutch Central Bank and Dutch Bankers Association.

No one knows more about digital money than Dave Birch, and his insights into where the world of digital currency sovereignty is going, will shock you. Our lives are about to change, radically.

Jeffrey Robinson, expert on international financial crime and author of the worldwide bestseller “The Laundrymen”.

How profound will the digital money revolution be? David Birch has written an insightful and provocative guide to the high stakes involved.

Huw van Steenis, former Senior Advisor to Governor Mark Carney on the Future of Finance

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